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Your message to was rejected

Our mail server rejected your message because it appeared to be spam. This page explains why, and how to resend your message without it being rejected again.

Please re-send your message to this temporary address: $hamtoken
This temporary address is valid for seven days, and allows your message to bypass our spam detection system.

We are sorry we had to block your message. Normally real emails pass unhindered through our anti-spam system, but for some reason your message was picked up as looking like spam.

More information

Q Should I add the temporary address to my address-book for future emails?
A No. The temporary address will only work for seven days, after which it will reject your mail.

Q Will my future emails be rejected too?
A That's unlikely. This system takes many factors into account, including the text of the message, so it's unlikely future messages will get rejected too unless they look very similar to this one.

Q Won't spammers get hold of the temporary addresses you give out? Surely that defeats the object of the system?
A Spammers rarely read mail rejection messages, preferring to send out messages in bulk without worrying about why some didn't get through. However, even if they did get hold of a temporary address, the damage is limited by the seven-day cut-off.

Q How does the system know what is spam?
A The system uses the latest techniques, based around a Bayesian classification engine, to help it discriminate between spam and wanted emails. Rather than being pre-programmed with a list of indicative phrases, it learns from its users. This enables it to become more accurate over time, and to keep up with the latest spamming techniques. Read more...

Q Looking at the message I sent, how did the mail server rate it?
A The system rates messages with a weighted percentage representing how well they fit the spam profile.

On this scale your message was rated as -1.#IND%.
Spam score: -1.#IND

Q Most mail servers don't reject my messages; is your system broken?
A Not at all. Unfortunately most anti-spam systems don't let you know when they mistakenly think your messages are spam. They may filter messages into a separate spam folder (that never gets looked at) or, worse, simply destroy the messages without letting anyone know. We believe it's important to let you know your message didn't get through, hence this message.

Q Why didn't you give me all this information in the email I got back?
A For two reasons. Firstly, almost all rejection messages are never seen, as they are directed back at the spammers, so it would be a waste of Internet bandwidth to have lots of long messages being sent back. Secondly, the method of rejecting mail that we use - essentially refusing to accept it, rather than accepting it and later replying with a rejection message - often triggers the spammers into removing the email address from their lists, cutting down on future spam.

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